Rental Program/Services

Student rental instrument program since 1984. Rental outfit prices are as follows:

Rental prices
Instrument Rent per month Applies to purchase Maximum equity
Violin $20 $13 $312
Viola $25 $17 $408
Cello $35 $23 $828
Bass $50 $35 $1224

A $50 security deposit is required for violins and violas, $100 for cellos, and $200 for basses. This can be applied toward the purchase of the instrument. The security deposit is returned if the instrument is returned in good condition.

Student renters receive fine instruments by Scott Cao, Suzuki Nagoya, Shen, or Engelhardt. All instruments are regularly maintained and in good condition.

Rental equity can be accumulated for up to 24 months for violin and 36 months for Viola, Cello and Bass. You may continue to rent; however, no additional equity will apply toward a purchase. You may purchase at any time.

The rent is paid quarterly on a calendar year basis. If an instrument is returned during a quarter which has been paid, unused rent payment will be returned.

Instrument outfits are guaranteed in good playing condition, with good bow hair and good strings. Maintenance is included as part of the rental program. Strings may be replaced by the renter, or can be purchased from John Michael Smith at a discounted price.

Please contact me for more information.

Professional Rentals

Specializing in providing bass rentals to traveling bassists; clients have included A Prairie Home Companion, Eddie Gomez, Avashi Cohen, Paul Langosch and Dick Smothers.

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