Basic Shop Services

Everything from minor repairs to major restoration undertaken. Routine instrument maintenance includes cleaning and adjustment; gluing seams; touchup of edges and cracks; replacing bridges, strings, pegs and endpins; and bow rehairing, repair, and maintenance. 

Custom fingered C-extensions made to order, with a variety of woods, stops, and designs.

Bow Rehairing

Violin: $70
Viola: $70
Cello: $75
Bass: $80 white; black and salt&pepper $70

Instruments and Bows for Sale

Instruments and bows, both new and used are available. Consignments sales welcome!  They are often instruments or bows that have repaired, restored, or maintained here. The consignment fee is 20% of the sale price.

Insurance Appraisals

Insurance Appraisals
Value First item Additional items
less than $20K $75 $25
greater than $20K $150 $50
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